About company Priber


Bernard Primožič, Managing Director

7 reasons why users choose us

  • Highest quality
  • Customization to your needs
  • Quality support and maintenance
  • OEM development
  • 100% Trust
  • 100% Free consulting
  • 100% Double warranty

Everybody knows that it’s very difficult to find a reliable and trustworthy business partner among computer companies, who would truly understand your needs and stand by your side on your business path. My entire team and I gained our clients’ trust with reliability and honest work.

Our computer solutions are currently used by more than 500 companies around the world.

Our solutions are developed in close cooperation with their end users. This way of work allows us to understand our customers and provide them with solutions that meet all their expectations and needs.

The fact is that with the proper use of modern technology, each company can achieve remarkable business success and so I invite you to share your story and wishes with me. 

We always keep our promises and for many years this has been proven by our satisfied customers, which is why I once again invite you to join us.

Call us at our phone number +386 4 51 26 740 or contact us by contact form.

Let our quality also become your success.



New SQ Trans update is available!

Posted: 21. 7. 2018

New SQ Trans update is available. The new version offers more features that will make your work easier and more effective. Please contact our support for…

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SQ Track Special summer deal!

Posted: 15. 7. 2018

Get your SQ Track solution now and take advantage of this specials summer deal which ends on August 3rd. For each bought devide we give one away 100% FREE…

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Mr. Gregor Mezek, Informatics manager, Danfoss d.o.o.

“We chose the right partner for cooperation.”

Miha Sprincnik, Goodyear EPE d.o.o.

“We are working with company PRIBER for a long time in the field of labeling products and regulating internal logistics in production. Their innovative and efficient custom solution has brought a lot to the regulation and improvement of our production processes. Active involvement…”

Mr. Lado Tomše, Informatics manager, LTH Castings d.o.o.

“A trusted partner. Stay as you were.”

Mr. Igor Mavrič, Informatics manager, Fructal d.d.

“You are a good company.”