An excellent computer program for automatic archiving of files.

What is SQ Backup?

SQ Backup is computer software for automatic data archiving. We live in an era where security and archiving of data is important and necessary. SQ Backup allows you automatic timetable backup to different locations which are a simple way to protect yourself from losing data. You can also create a backup manually. SQ Backup takes care of automatic data archiving on its own, strongly encrypted 256-bit algorithm, and it also allows to archive open data, detect changed files. You can also set E-Mail or SMS notification of archive status.

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How to be safe?

Security of your files stored on your computer is very important and everyone needs to devote to it. In every given moment there is a possibility of computer breakdown which would lead to losing all your files. You have spent a lot of your time. We advise you of using SQ Backup and take care of archive and set the most appropriate type of archiving, automatic daily archiving of changed files and also a full backup. We recommend you to do a backup on different destinations like external drivers, DVD, USB, or remote location which could also save your files from natural disasters. We advise you to keep two identical backups on two separate location.

Excellent computer software for automatic archiving of files.

Main advantages of SQ Backup:

  • An option of safe storage to a remote location
  • Flexible timetable of archiving
  • Auto-detection of changed files
  • Advanced verification of archive
  • Archiving open files
  • Launch as a Windows system service
  • Notification about the status of an archive (E-Mail, SMS)

Functions of SQ Backup solution

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