A computer program for designing and printing labels and barcodes.

What is SQ Label?

SQ Label is computer software with you can fast and easy design and print different labels and barcodes. The main advantage of SQ Label in easy use and can be adjusted by your way of work. SQ Label includes all necessary functions which are used in designing labels. It allows you printing 1D and 2D barcodes with which you will use them on your product packing. Your supplier will be pleased with meeting their requirements.

SQ Label is mandatory equipment for every office!

How to save money?

In the meantime of development, our group of experts’ goal was to strive for the best efficiency and connectivity of your work process. With all options of connection to databases and existing data, you can use SQ Label easily and fastly in your work process. SQ Label allows you to meet all needed requirements in labels, barcodes, forms on your own, thus saves your valuable time.

Printing labels and barcodes can be done on your own.
Fast and easy!

Main advantages of SQ Label:

  • Support of different barcodes
  • Printing serial numbers
  • Connection to database
  • Dynamic printing of pictures and logotypes
  • Automatic adjustments of fonts based on the text’s length
  • Simple and professional design of labels
  • Advanced preview of printing with actual data

Functions of SQ Label solution

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