What is SQ Trans?

SQ Trans is the highest-quality software package for managing a transport company, which will quickly and easily manage all necessary documentation in one place. You can very quickly create: loading orders, invoices, carriers, travel orders and all other documentation in different languages. We have also simplified the business with E-bank, reporting obligations to multilateral compensation, and of course, there is also an effective system for payment recovery and various analysis of operations.

With the SQ Trans software, get the perfect tool for your transport office.

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How will you save?

SQ Trans offers a variety of ways to save valuable time and at the same time reduce business costs. Imagine that with a single click, you could create an invoice or send the driver all the information needed for loading via SMS or GARMIN navigation. In addition to saving on everyday tasks, we guarantee that you will be able to transfer data directly from your program to your accountancy service, which will surely save you with a monthly account for accounting. SQ Trans also automatically prepares you files for business with E-Bank, E-Net and payment recovery.

Research has shown that using SQ Trans can save up to 70% of working time to create, edit and manage your company’s documentation.

The main advantages of SQ Trans:

  • Transparent records of loading orders
  • Optimized transport planning
  • Cargo tracking and estimated time of unloading
  • Advanced reminders and complete warehouse management
  • A review of actual earnings per vehicle or driver
  • RVC and automatic wage calculation
  • Calculation and cost analysis

Customer reviews

Mr. Žan Brulc, Tranžan d.o.o.

“Great program, once you get used to it, you don’t go anywhere else. You have everything you need for a transportation company.”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021!

“The entire Priber team wish you a lot of joy and happiness during this holiday season. May the upcoming year will be full of new achievements that will bring you new success. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021!”

Charity 2020

“ In 2020, due to the significant impact of COVID-19, the whole society had to significantly adapt to various areas of our daily lives. Educational activities are one of the more affected areas, so educational institutions were forced to use new techniques and approaches. Even teachers and professors…”

Mr. Branko Oman, M. KOŽELJ d.o.o.

“SQ Trans has the best technical support of all transport management software.”

We are the recipient of the Excellent SME certificate

“The Excellent SME delivers up-to-date business performance certificates issued to successful small and medium-sized companies. The certificate is issued by Gospodarska zbornica Slovenija and established rating agency Coface Slovenia. We have once again proved that we are trustworthy. Doing business…”

Avtoprevozništvo Lušina Franc s.p.

“Transparency of loading orders is extremely important in our business. SQ Trans has been essential for us to operate more efficiently.”

Mr. Simon Štajdohar, INTER-ADAKS d.o.o.

“With software SQ Trans in the company, I not only have an overview of transport but also take care of the vehicle fleet.”

Mr. Jernej Geltar, GELTAR TRANSPORT d.o.o.

“Priber d.o.o. with its SQ Trans transport management software, has helped us greatly to improve business results.”

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Mr. Tadej Slemnik, Transport Slemnik d.o.o.

“We have been using SQ Trans at Transport Slemnik for more than 10 years and our work has become much more efficient.”

Functions of SQ Trans solution

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