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Bernard Primožič, Managing Director

7 reasons why users choose us

  • Highest quality
  • Customization to your needs
  • Quality support and maintenance
  • OEM development
  • 100% Trust
  • 100% Free consulting
  • 100% Double warranty

Everybody knows that it’s very difficult to find a reliable and trustworthy business partner among computer companies, who would truly understand your needs and stand by your side on your business path. My entire team and I gained our clients’ trust with reliability and honest work.

Our computer solutions are currently used by more than 500 companies around the world.

Our solutions are developed in close cooperation with their end users. This way of work allows us to understand our customers and provide them with solutions that meet all their expectations and needs.

The fact is that with the proper use of modern technology, each company can achieve remarkable business success and so I invite you to share your story and wishes with me. 

We always keep our promises and for many years this has been proven by our satisfied customers, which is why I once again invite you to join us.

Call us at our phone number +386 4 51 26 740 or contact us by contact form.

Let our quality also become your success.


Join Us at LabelExpo Americas 2024

Posted: 8. 7. 2024

We're excited to extend an invitation to our valued customers and industry enthusiasts to Label Expo Americas 2024.  This year's expo promises a spectrum…

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Platinum AAA Creditworthiness Certificate 2024

Posted: 20. 5. 2024

We are very proud to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious Platinum AAA Creditworthiness Certificate for 2024 by Dun & Bradstreet. This…

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Priber Joins Forces with OKI as a Shinrai Partner

Posted: 3. 4. 2024

We at Priber are excited to announce our new partnership with OKI as an official Shinrai Partner. This collaboration is set to bring significant benefits…

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Labeling software predictions 2024

Posted: 15. 1. 2024

Exciting News from Our Team! We're thrilled to announce that Labels & Labeling Magazine has recently published an insightful article. Our managing…

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024

Posted: 22. 12. 2023

Thank you for your trust in 2023, and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024! Your Priber Team

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CE Category - Opportunity for transport companies

Posted: 24. 11. 2023

An exceptional co-financing opportunity for transport companies! As the director and head of development at SQ Trans, a computer program that enables…

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Exclusive Presale Announcement!

Posted: 18. 8. 2023

Unlock the mysteries of the barcode and label printing world with our CEO's upcoming book, "Barcode and Label Printing Secrets." This is more than a book;…

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Join Us at LabelExpo 2023!

Posted: 1. 8. 2023

We're excited to extend an invitation to our valued customers and industry enthusiasts to LabelExpo 2023. This year's expo promises a spectrum of innovations…

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RTLS Technology

Ensure your competitive advantage with Real-time Location System (RTLS) indoor positioning technology

Posted: 7. 4. 2022

RTLS is used in manufacturing, healthcare, smart warehouses, hospitality, education and other industries to increase workflow efficiency, safety, route…

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021!

Posted: 24. 12. 2020

The entire Priber team wish you a lot of joy and happiness during this holiday season. May the upcoming year will be full of new achievements that will…

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Charity 2020

Posted: 21. 12. 2020

In 2020, due to the significant impact of COVID-19, the whole society had to significantly adapt to various areas of our daily lives. Educational…

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We are the recipient of the Excellent SME certificate

Posted: 1. 12. 2020

The Excellent SME delivers up-to-date business performance certificates issued to successful small and medium-sized companies. The certificate is issued…

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Print labels and barcodes 100% for FREE

Posted: 6. 11. 2020

 FREE GIVEAWAY  Win a specialized computer software for designing and printing labels and barcode valued at 395€ for FREE! Instructions for…

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SQ Trans is also on FB!

Posted: 20. 10. 2020

Welcome to the official Facebook page of SQ Trans - the highest-quality software package for managing a transport company. Call us for a 100% free…

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Priber d.o.o. is a recipient of the AAA certificate of Highest Creditworthiness Rating

Posted: 23. 6. 2020

The international company Bisnode, which operates in 19 European countries, has once again awarded us a certificate of Highest Creditworthiness Rating,…

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Priber COVID-19

Posted: 16. 3. 2020

Based on the current situation of the Covid-19/Coronavirus situation in Slovenia all Priber employees are working from home since Thursday 12th, 2020 to…

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Wishes 2020

Posted: 24. 12. 2019

On the road to success, the rule is always to look ahead. May you reach your destination and may your journey be wonderful. Happy New Year 2020! Your…

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Solutions for automated labeling in real-time using electronic labels

Posted: 28. 7. 2019

Everyone knows that labeling products and work processes can be extremely stressful and time-consuming for the company, as it is constantly prone to human…

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Better barcode and label printing software. Better business results.

Posted: 15. 6. 2019

For some successful companies, we automated the printing of labels with the appropriate interface and pre-entered the data overview. This means 100% eliminating…

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New SQ Trans update is available!

Posted: 21. 7. 2018

New SQ Trans update is available. The new version offers more features that will make your work easier and more effective. Please contact our support for…

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SQ Track Special summer deal!

Posted: 15. 7. 2018

Get your SQ Track solution now and take advantage of this specials summer deal which ends on August 3rd. For each bought devide we give one away 100% FREE…

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Mr. Martin Barle, KATJA TRANSPORT d.o.o.

“We are extremely satisfied, as the SQ Trans' overview is easy to inspect and proves everything necessary to complete the transports and forwarding.”

Ms. Karin Antončič, Lestrans d.o.o

“We have been using SQ Trans for some time and we are very satisfied. If someone asked me what software we use to manage our transport, I would be happy to point out the software SQ Trans and I recommend it.”

Ms. Jelica Štebih, TRANSPORT MAJER d.o.o.

“In our transport office, we work easier and faster with SQ Trans. I warmly recommend it to all transport companies who still work manually via Excel in Word.”

Mr. Jakob Vrečko, PAN TRANSPORT d.o.o.

“In our transport company, we are satisfied users of the SQ Trans transport management software. With Priber d.o.o. we will continue to successfully cooperate in the future.”

Ms. Sabrina Ferlin, FERLIN d.o.o.

“With Priber d.o.o. we are satisfied. The transport management software is great, and the whole team responds quickly...”

Ms. Anja Novak, VIRNEK d.o.o.

“The purchase of the SQ Trans transport management software has significantly contributed to better efficiency in our transport company. Priber also advised us and supplied suitable hardware for our needs in the transport company.”

Ms. Saša Lušina, ALPMETAL & CO, d.o.o.

“We are very satisfied with the company Priber d.o.o. , because they are very competent, always available, and ready to help.”

Mr. Žan Brulc, Tranžan d.o.o.

“Great program, once you get used to it, you don’t go anywhere else. You have everything you need for a transportation company.”

Mr. Branko Oman, M. KOŽELJ d.o.o.

“SQ Trans has the best technical support of all transport management software.”

Avtoprevozništvo Lušina Franc s.p.

“Transparency of loading orders is extremely important in our business. SQ Trans has been essential for us to operate more efficiently.”

Mr. Jernej Geltar, GELTAR TRANSPORT d.o.o.

“Priber d.o.o. with its SQ Trans transport management software, has helped us greatly to improve business results.”

Mr. Tadej Slemnik, Transport Slemnik d.o.o.

“We have been using SQ Trans at Transport Slemnik for more than 10 years and our work has become much more efficient.”

Mr. Robert Kurnik, KURNIK TRANSPORT d.o.o.

“The flexibility of the SQ Trans program and responsive support are keys to our long and successful cooperation with Priber d.o.o.”

Ms. Petra Ferkulj Adam, FER-TRANS d.o.o.

“At Priber d.o.o. they are flexible, helpful, and active in working on improvements/upgrades. They have an ear for customers.”

Mr. Janez Feldin, Technology, ContiTech Slovenija d.o.o.

“Without custom printing solutions the production would simply stop. It helps with productivity and prevents errors in production. It makes managing of our production a lot easier if not at all possible.”

Mr. Janez Vrhovnik, Department of standardization, Iskra d.o.o.

“With IskraLabel we have shortened time to print labels in order to prevent the possibility of errors or choosing the wrong label. Also, we are also highly satisfied with the responsiveness of the entire team.”

Mr. Jože Klun, Technology, DOM-TITAN d.d.

“Labeling software has reduced has reduced the possibility of repeating errors and printing wrong etiquettes. It is easy to scan a code and see all templates required by the current work order...”

Mr. Zoran Česnik, IRIO d.o.o.

“Great software solution and very appropriate and fast support!”

Mr. Gregor Mezek, Informatics manager, Danfoss d.o.o.

“Priber offered us a complete solution for printing packaging labels. Satisfied customers and users of the program confirm that we have chosen the right partner for cooperation.”

Miha Sprincnik, Goodyear EPE d.o.o.

“We are working with company PRIBER for a long time in the field of labeling products and regulating internal logistics in production. Their innovative and efficient custom solution has brought a lot to the regulation and improvement of our production processes. Active involvement…”