SQ Trans – Easily transfer your data to an online bank

Business with E-Bank has never been easier. SQ trans allows you to easily prepare a file for performing payment transactions. This feature allows you to no longer need to enter payment orders in E-Bank, but now this is enabled automatically. Time savings are obvious and when you find out that the payments made are automatically booked in the system, you no longer have a reason to not try these functions yourself. The exchange file is made according to the international SEPA standard and also verified by banks.

The advantages of preparing E-Bank files:

  • Fast transfer of data to E-Bank
  • You will no longer need to enter payment orders
  • Compatibility with SEPA standard
  • Proven higher productivity
  • The possibility of preparing TKDIS file
  • Verified files by banks
  • Fast automatic booking of payments
  • Possibility to use at all banks

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