Save time with 100% automated label printing!

What is SQ Print?

SQ Print is an application which enables printing of labels using pre-defined templates, graphics, and data. Templates, graphics, and data are stored in a centralized database. Database management and maintenance are performed solely by the user with administration privileges. You can keep track of changes made to any part of the label – template, graphics or data. SQ Print supports different types of a label for each product – packaging, product, custom, automation labels etc., with a preview available before printing and without requiring internet access.

SQ Print enables full control over the printing of product labels!

How to be save money?

Our developer team aimed for best efficiency and simplified connectivity with your workflow process while designing SQ Print.
All data stored in a single, centralized database, simplifying administration, backup and replication.

SQ Print enables full control over changes to individual product definitions and accompanying labels. Any changes must be confirmed by the user having the sufficient access privilege level to authorize them.

100% automation eliminates human error.

Benefits of SQ Print:

  • Intuitive user interface with WYSIWYG print preview
  • Reduce risk with centralized data storage
  • Easily manage and maintain your database
  • Save time with 100% automated label printing
  • Keep track of all label design changes using superior revision history module
  • Eliminate human error with an advanced multi-user environment
  • Maintain flexibility by employing different label designers
  • Increase productivity with software plugins 100% tailored to your needs
  • 100% applicable to your industry

Main advantages of SQ Print:

  • All in one place
  • Database management and maintenance
  • Multi-user environment
  • Work process automation
  • Support of different label types
  • No internet access required
  • Advanced print preview with actual data

Functions of SQ Print solution

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