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General rules on participation in prize games of Priber d.o.o.

The rules apply to the social network Facebook
By participating in the prize draw, it is considered that the participant agrees with these rules. The organizer reserves the right to change the rules if required by technical or commercial reasons or reasons on the part of the public. Complaints and complaints regarding the prize game can be sent to the e-mail address:

General rules
The organizer of the prize game is Priber d.o.o., Zminec 30, SI-4220 Škofja Loka (hereinafter Priber).

Terms of participation in the prize game
Participation in the prize draw is not conditional on the purchase of Priber products. Adults may participate in the prize draw, and persons under the age of 18 must have the written consent of their parents or legal guardians to participate in the prize draw. Each individual can enter each prize draw only once. The participants of the prize game cover all the costs of participating in the prize game.

The costs of participation include:

  • the cost of internet access;
  • the cost of transferring data from the Internet

The visitor registers on Facebook by choosing a username and password during the registration process, and confirms his identity with a valid e-mail address. Registration and use of Facebook is free. All persons who shared the post and joined the Facebook page Priber take part in the prize draw. In other words, all persons who click on the “Share” or “Share” button of the post and who click on the “Like” or “Like” button on the Priber Facebook page participate in the prize draw.

The course of the prize game:
The start date of the game prize is the release date. The end of the prize draw is announced in the post where the prize draw also takes place. By participating in the prize draw, the participant is deemed to accept these general terms and conditions of participation in the prize draw and the conditions published on the Facebook profile.

The participant loses the right to the prize if the organizer finds that:

  • the participant did not meet the conditions for participation;
  • the participant violated the rules and conditions of participation in the prize game;
  • the participant does not wish to fulfill the obligations in accordance with these conditions or special conditions published on or has not fulfilled them in time;
  • in the case of applications: if the application is in any way inappropriate.

An individual participant in the prize game can receive only one of the prizes. If a participant is drawn twice or more, he / she will receive the prize for which he / she was drawn first. The description of the prizes is presented in the text of the announcement where the prize draw takes place. Prizes are not exchangeable for another type of prize, payable in cash or transferable to third parties.

Prize draw
The prize draw will take place on the day specified in the description of the prize game in the announcement, and no later than 14 days after the end of the prize game at the organizer’s headquarters (Zminec 30, SI-4220 Škofja Loka).

Informing the winners
By participating in an individual prize draw, the participant agrees that in the event of a draw, the organizer will publish it as a winner on the Priber website and on the Priber Facebook page. The winner will receive a prize notification via a private message on their Facebook profile. The list of winners will be published on the website and timeline of the Priber Facebook page no later than three days after the prize draw. In the event that the draw is carried out by a co-organizer, the list will be published no later than ten days from the day of the draw. The results of the prize draw are final. It is not possible to appeal against them.

Receiving prizes
As a winner, the participant is entitled to receive the prize if the organizer informs him / her about the prize within the agreed deadline. Prizes are taxed under the Personal Income Tax Act. The winner is liable to pay personal income tax in accordance with the Personal Income Tax Act (other benefits, including prizes). The advance payment of personal income tax is calculated and paid by the organizer of the prize game or co-organizer or sponsor providing the prize. To receive the prize, the winner must