What is SQ Trans?

SQ Trans is the highest-quality software package for managing a transport company, which will quickly and easily manage all necessary documentation in one place. You can very quickly create: loading orders, invoices, carriers, travel orders and all other documentation in different languages. We have also simplified the business with E-bank, reporting obligations to multilateral compensation, and of course, there is also an effective system for payment recovery and various analysis of operations.

With the SQ Trans software, get the perfect tool for your transport office.

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How will you save?

SQ Trans offers a variety of ways to save valuable time and at the same time reduce business costs. Imagine that with a single click, you could create an invoice or send the driver all the information needed for loading via SMS or GARMIN navigation. In addition to saving on everyday tasks, we guarantee that you will be able to transfer data directly from your program to your accountancy service, which will surely save you with a monthly account for accounting. SQ Trans also automatically prepares you files for business with E-Bank, E-Net and payment recovery.

Research has shown that using SQ Trans can save up to 70% of working time to create, edit and manage your company’s documentation.

The main advantages of SQ Trans:

  • Transparent records of loading orders
  • Optimized transport planning
  • Cargo tracking and estimated time of unloading
  • Advanced reminders and complete warehouse management
  • A review of actual earnings per vehicle or driver
  • RVC and automatic wage calculation
  • Calculation and cost analysis

Customer reviews

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024

“Thank you for your trust in 2023, and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024! Your Priber Team”

Mr. Martin Barle, KATJA TRANSPORT d.o.o.

“We are extremely satisfied, as the SQ Trans' overview is easy to inspect and proves everything necessary to complete the transports and forwarding.”

Ms. Karin Antončič, Lestrans d.o.o

“We have been using SQ Trans for some time and we are very satisfied. If someone asked me what software we use to manage our transport, I would be happy to point out the software SQ Trans and I recommend it.”

Ms. Jelica Štebih, TRANSPORT MAJER d.o.o.

“In our transport office, we work easier and faster with SQ Trans. I warmly recommend it to all transport companies who still work manually via Excel in Word.”

Mr. Jakob Vrečko, PAN TRANSPORT d.o.o.

“In our transport company, we are satisfied users of the SQ Trans transport management software. With Priber d.o.o. we will continue to successfully cooperate in the future.”

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Ms. Sabrina Ferlin, FERLIN d.o.o.

“With Priber d.o.o. we are satisfied. The transport management software is great, and the whole team responds quickly...”

Ms. Anja Novak, VIRNEK d.o.o.

“The purchase of the SQ Trans transport management software has significantly contributed to better efficiency in our transport company. Priber also advised us and supplied suitable hardware for our needs in the transport company.”

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Functions of SQ Trans solution

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