What is SQ Trans?

SQ Trans is the highest-quality software package for managing a transport company, which will quickly and easily manage all necessary documentation in one place. You can very quickly create: loading orders, invoices, carriers, travel orders and all other documentation in different languages. We have also simplified the business with E-bank, reporting obligations to multilateral compensation, and of course, there is also an effective system for payment recovery and various analysis of operations.

With the SQ Trans software, get the perfect tool for your transport office.

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How will you save?

SQ Trans offers a variety of ways to save valuable time and at the same time reduce business costs. Imagine that with a single click, you could create an invoice or send the driver all the information needed for loading via SMS or GARMIN navigation. In addition to saving on everyday tasks, we guarantee that you will be able to transfer data directly from your program to your accountancy service, which will surely save you with a monthly account for accounting. SQ Trans also automatically prepares you files for business with E-Bank, E-Net and payment recovery.

Research has shown that using SQ Trans can save up to 70% of working time to create, edit and manage your company’s documentation.

The main advantages of SQ Trans:

  • Transparent records of loading orders
  • Optimized transport planning
  • Cargo tracking and estimated time of unloading
  • Advanced reminders and complete warehouse management
  • A review of actual earnings per vehicle or driver
  • RVC and automatic wage calculation
  • Calculation and cost analysis

Customer reviews

Priber COVID-19

“Based on the current situation of the Covid-19/Coronavirus situation in Slovenia all Priber employees are working from home since Thursday 12th, 2020 to prevent virus spread and act responsibly. Despite our government's declared state of emergency and completely locked down schools, public transport…”

Wishes 2020

“On the road to success, the rule is always to look ahead. May you reach your destination and may your journey be wonderful. Happy New Year 2020! Your Priber team ”

Solutions for automated labeling in real-time using electronic labels

“Everyone knows that labeling products and work processes can be extremely stressful and time-consuming for the company, as it is constantly prone to human error. Nowadays, the organization and optimization of business is the key to success and greater profit. For many successful companies, we have…”

Better barcode and label printing software. Better business results.

“For some successful companies, we automated the printing of labels with the appropriate interface and pre-entered the data overview. This means 100% eliminating human error in printing labels in an expedited work process and lowering costs. All templates, data, and graphics are centralized in one…”

Mr. Janez Feldin, Technology, ContiTech Slovenija d.o.o.

“Without custom printing solutions the production would simply stop. It helps with productivity and prevents errors in production. It makes managing of our production a lot easier if not at all possible.”

Mr. Janez Vrhovnik, Department of standardization, Iskra d.o.o.

“With IskraLabel we have shortened time to print labels in order to prevent the possibility of errors or choosing the wrong label. Also, we are also highly satisfied with the responsiveness of the entire team.”

Mr. Jože Klun, Technology, DOM-TITAN d.d.

“Labeling software has reduced has reduced the possibility of repeating errors and printing wrong etiquettes. It is easy to scan a code and see all templates required by the current work order...”

Mr. Gregor Mezek, Informatics manager, Danfoss d.o.o.

“Priber offered us a complete solution for printing packaging labels. Satisfied customers and users of the program confirm that we have chosen the right partner for cooperation.”

Miha Sprincnik, Goodyear EPE d.o.o.

“We are working with company PRIBER for a long time in the field of labeling products and regulating internal logistics in production. Their innovative and efficient custom solution has brought a lot to the regulation and improvement of our production processes. Active involvement in project planning,…”

Mr. Lado Tomše, Informatics manager, LTH Castings d.o.o.

“A trusted partner. Stay as you were.”

Functions of SQ Trans solution

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