SQ Trans – Easily transfer your data to AJPES E-Offset

Immediately upon the adoption of the latest law on the prevention of late payment, a module for automatic data preparation for E-Offset was included in road transport software SQ Trans. The main goal of this feature is to prepare data for multilateral offset reporting in less than 20 seconds. On the basis of official specifications and our knowledge, we have successfully integrated this function into SQ Trans and make it much easier for you to work. Now you will not have to spend hours preparing data for E-Offset and wasting time unnecessarily.

Advantages of preparing data for E-Offset in SQ Trans:

  • Preparing the E-Offset file in less than 20 seconds!
  • An easy takeover of E-Offset results
  • Automatic booking of E-Offset results
  • Transparent login history
  • The possibility of registration for E-Compensation

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