SQ Trans – Simple overview and record of loading orders

Loading orders in SQ Trans provide you with a simple, fast, and above all transparent record in one place. It will be very easy for you to quickly search the records with a wide variety of search filters. Loading tasks in SQ Trans can be sent with a single click in a number of ways, sending copies / unloads to the Garmin device, sending by e-mail and sms messages. Loading orders are at the same time the basis for paying the driver, if you calculate it in this way, we can print CMR documents from them, and most importantly, we can create bills from a load order with just one click!

Advantages of SQ Trans loading orders:

  • A simple overview of the status of documents
  • Easy to create, edit and print
  • Easy entry of loading and unloading
  • Creating all necessary documentation
  • Easy entry of all required code lists
  • Possibility to send documents via e-mail
  • Creating documents in multiple languages
  • The ability to send SMS messages to drivers
  • Transparent previews of all documents
  • Estimated time of arrival for unloading
  • Basis for calculating wages
  • Estimated time of arriving for loading
  • Printing a CMR document
  • Sending an address to the Garmin navigation device
  • Confirmation of the order
  • Sending messages to the Garmin navigation device
  • Creating an account from order with only one click
  • A transparent printout of the loading order
  • Sending to SMS
  • A transparent printout of the loading order confirmation
  • Reports of loading orders
  • Printout of loading orders
  • Performance review per driver

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