SQ Trans – Transparent records and the account of travel orders

SQ Trans provides a transparent record of travel orders together with a cash and expense account and includes the account of daily allowances. An automatic connection at the cash desk is provided and serves as a basis for payment for a professional driver, since it is possible to obtain data from loading orders. It is possible to calculate the salary according to the distance traveled or the percentage of traffic. A travel order can be associated with the SQ Track vehicle tracking system, in which case you will also gain other benefits of the SQ Track system.

Advantages of SQ Trans travel orders:

  • Account of travel order
  • Easy to create, edit and print
  • Account of daily allowances
  • Creating all the necessary documentation
  • Fuel consumption account
  • Possibility to send travel orders via e-mail
  • Automatic connectivity with the cash register
  • Electronic archive and attachments
  • Connection to the fuel storage
  • Account of travel expenses
  • Basis for calculating wages
  • Customizable printout
  • Connectivity with a loading order
  • Screen PDF preview

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