SQ Trans – Your warehouse will become organized

More and more transport companies manage their own warehouses, either temporarily storing cargo or either storing their supplies. Whatever the nature of the material, you can easily manage the entire warehouse business in SQ Trans software. All the necessary documents at the time of the takeover and release of the material, complete support for the bar codes and the barcode readers will definitely arrange the warehouse and shake down your administrative costs. You will be able to completely alter your warehouse code lists and storage locations for your warehouse.

Benefits of using the warehouse in SQ Trans:

  • 100% barcode support
  • Easy printout of stocks
  • Easy printout of documents
  • FIFO, LIFO methods
  • Easy entry of all required code lists
  • Automatic link to work orders
  • Creation of documents in several languages
  • Records of perishable goods
  • Transparent previews of all documents
  • Defining of warehouses to your extent

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