Mr. Žan Brulc, Tranžan d.o.o.

Great program, once you get used to it, you don’t go anywhere else. You have everything you need for a transportation company.
Mr. Branko Oman, M. KOŽELJ d.o.o.

SQ Trans has the best technical support of all transport management software.
Avtoprevozništvo Lušina Franc s.p.

Transparency of loading orders is extremely important in our business. SQ Trans has been essential for us to operate more efficiently.
Mr. Simon Štajdohar, INTER-ADAKS d.o.o.

With software SQ Trans in the company, I not only have an overview of transport but also take care of the vehicle fleet.
Mr. Jernej Geltar, GELTAR TRANSPORT d.o.o.

Priber d.o.o. with its SQ Trans transport management software, has helped us greatly to improve business results.
Mr. Tadej Slemnik, Transport Slemnik d.o.o.

We have been using SQ Trans at Transport Slemnik for more than 10 years and our work has become much more efficient.
Mr. Robert Kurnik, KURNIK TRANSPORT d.o.o.

The flexibility of the SQ Trans program and responsive support are keys to our long and successful cooperation with Priber d.o.o.
Ms. Petra Ferkulj Adam, FER-TRANS d.o.o.

At Priber d.o.o. they are flexible, helpful, and active in working on improvements/upgrades. They have an ear for customers.
Ms. Veronika Jurjevec, Jure Transport Jurjevec Ivan s.p.

Our experience with the SQ Trans program is very good. We are satisfied users, so I recommend the use of this program to everyone, but especially to all those who still use outdated DOS programs, as SQ Trans offers many more features, better transparency, and is also very easy to use. We also easily transferred the necessary lists to the new program. Therefore, we made the transition to this more modern and powerful program without any problems.