Solutions for automated labeling in real-time using electronic labels

Posted: 28. 7. 2019

Everyone knows that labeling products and work processes can be extremely stressful and time-consuming for the company, as it is constantly prone to human error. Nowadays, the organization and optimization of business is the key to success and greater profit.

For many successful companies, we have already facilitated and solved the problems of labeling products and work processes with automation. Now there is also an option to reduce costs by using electronic labeling, which is increasingly present and inevitable. Keeping pace with successful businesses is increasingly important.

Have you ever considered using electronic labels (or eletronic shelf labels) to speed up your work process? Have you ever considered replacing paper labels with electronic labels?

To get a better idea of ​​how we can optimize your work process, you can watch the presentation video below.

  • Make it easy to create a list of required materials in the work process by using an electronic label
  • Make new changes to the material list as you work and in just a few seconds
  • Quickly update or change the workflow through the UI with the editor in one place – without the need for additional printing of paper labels to make changes
  • Save on the materials needed for the paper print
  • Replace the time required to print paperwork orders by speeding up the work process via electronic labels and scans
  • Save on time by automatically recording stock in the warehouse via electronic labels
    The flashing of the light can be adjusted for warning purposes, which gives the employee additional attention
  • You can speed up your search for material by flashing a light on the electronic label itself
  • Easy labeling of new storage locations in the warehouse with the appropriate attachment system
  • Control stock status by automatically posting stock
  • Avoid human errors by using a simple user interface and advanced previews
  • The use of electronic labels has proven to increase employee productivity


PRIBER ESL Solutions can be used in various industries:

  • Showing product information
  • Showing stock information
  • Showing price tags
  • Showing the process of work
  • Various integration options

Eliminate human errors and significatly improve your productivity!


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