Better barcode and label printing software. Better business results.

Posted: 15. 6. 2019

For some successful companies, we automated the printing of labels with the appropriate interface and pre-entered the data overview. This means 100% eliminating human error in printing labels in an expedited work process and lowering costs.

All templates, data, and graphics are centralized in one place. It’s also possible to review changes for templates, data, and graphics so you have complete control.

To get a better idea of ​​how we can optimize your work process, you can watch the presentation video below.

  • Intuitive user interface with WYSIWYG print preview
  • Reduce risk with centralized data storage
  • Easily manage and maintain your database
  • Save time with 100% automated label printing
  • Keep track of all label design changes using superior revision history module
  • Eliminate human error with an advanced multi-user environment
  • Maintain flexibility by employing different label designers
  • Increase productivity with software plugins 100% tailored to your needs
  • 100% applicable to your industry



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