SQ Track – vessel tracking from anywhere and anytime

SQ Track is a tracking system that allows tracking of vessels at any time in any place with internet access. You can access the system from a computer,  mobile phone, cybercafe, where you have internet access. One of the main advantages of SQ Track tracking system is an advanced report of altitude change, work time of vessel, history of sailing, SMS and E-Mail alarms, two-way communication through Garmin navigation device.

Tracking vessels with a Garmin navigation device.

Main advantages of SQ Track vessel tracking:

  • Simple overview
  • GEO events
  • History of sailing
  • Alarms by GEO events
  • Control of speed
  • Alarms by tracking device data
  • Overview of vessel’s activity
  • Alarm when arriving at the specific area
  • Two-way Garmin communication
  • Alarm when exiting from the specific area
  • Advanced report of work hours
  • Points of interest
  • Advanced reports of temperature change
  • Advanced reports of altitude change
  • Advanced reports of analog input change
  • Advanced reports of digital input change

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