Can I reduce the costs of accounting with SQ Trans?
Most of our clients who use Accounting Connection Features save on a monthly basis so that investments in the SQ Trans solution have returned in less than a year.

Can I create a billing account?
There are different forms of billing. Depending on your requirements, we can set up an account that fully meets your requirements.

Are there prints in different languages?
Loading orders, invoices, and other documents can be extracted in all major global languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Serbian, Croatian). After switching the language, the program automatically translates the document that you immediately see on the screen.

Can I send documents directly from the program via Email?
In SQ Trans, it is possible to send the loading orders into the accounts directly from the program along with your scanned signature, as long as you want it to.

Can I save documents to a PDF file?
It is possible to save all documents to a PDF file.

Can the loading task contain the logo of my business?
All the documents in the installation are provided free of charge with your logo and your information, prepared by our designer according to mutual agreement.

Are there cheaper versions of the program?
SQ Trans exists in 3 versions: BASIC, ORIGINAL in PROFESSIONAL. For more information, call our free number 080 26 86.

Can the program work with tracking?
SQ Trans enables direct connection with the tracking system SQ Track, which we have fully developed in our company and is the result of Slovenian knowledge in our many years of experience.

Is it possible to transfer payments to E-Bank?
Most SQ Trans users are transferring payment orders to E-Bank daily, thus saving a lot of time, as they do not have to do the same job on multiple occasions. The SQ Trans is very simplified.

Can an E-Invoice be Made?
The e-Invoice is prepared in SQ Trans, which is then digitally signed and sent via E-bank.

Does the program allow you to print CMR documents?
Printing CMR documents directly from the program is possible. SQ Trans in combination with our barcode printing program makes it easy to print labels for titles and print pallet leaves in barcodes.

Can I print label labels from the program?
To set up in combination with the SQ Label for Printing.

Do I have to archive my data manually?
You can archive data manually, but most of our users choose to archive, which archives all data automatically. Optionally, 256-bit data storage in the data center is enabled, where our technicians check or archive on a daily basis to save time.

Does the program support barcode for the repository?
There are barcode printing options, but the requirements and the desired result must be aligned before implementation.

Can I save more than just CMR documents in an electronic archive?
The electronic archive in SQ Trans allows you to store all types of attachments. This means that you can add all the accompanying documentation (received orders, CMR documents, delivery, …), and you can also directly to SQ Trans with a single click. Time-saving is huge.