SQ Business – Records of invoices

SQ Business provides advanced financial management. The financial part of the program easily allows creating different types of invoices, fast and transparent evidence, adjust printout by your needs. SQ Business is not only to input of issued and received invoices but it’s a system which will account your business. It includes all demanding part of finances like compensation between issued and received invoices, credit note, debit note, …

Main advantages of SQ Business evidence of invoices:

  • Easily review the status of documents
  • Simply create, edit and printout
  • Printout of unpaid invoices
  • Create all necessary documents
  • Easy input of all needed code lists
  • Send document via E-Mail
  • Create a document in different languages
  • Automatic reminders
  • Preview of all documents
  • Evidence of pays
  • Various types of invoices
  • Support for separate relations
  • Electronic signature
  • Account TAX by country or distance
  • Print on pre-printed paper
  • Special invoice for transport
  • Print all with your logotype
  • Evidence of overdue invoices
  • Electronic archive
  • Export data for your accounting
  • Automatic calculation of payment deadline
  • Collection invoice
  • Account interest and reminders
  • Export invoice for E-Bank
  • Various types of reports
  • Manage with E-Bank
  • Create compensations
  • Create proform invoices
  • Create credit notes
  • Create debit notes
  • Record and manage received invoices

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