SQ Business – Organized warehousing of different products

More and more company are managing their own warehouses where they keep cargo temporary or to have own stock. With SQ Business you can easily manage the full warehouse. This means you have all the necessary documents of stock. It’s also added full support of barcodes and barcode reader for complete managing of the warehouse which could lower your administrative expenses. Adjusted code list warehouses and warehouse places will easily adapt to your warehouse.

Main advantages of the SQ Business warehouse:

  • 100% support with barcodes
  • Easy printout of stock
  • Easy printout of documents
  • FIFO, LIFO methods
  • Simple input in the┬ácode list
  • Link with work orders
  • A different language of documents
  • Evidence of perishable goods
  • Preview of all documents
  • Definition of a warehouse by your will

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