Is your data stored in different tables?
SQ Print templates, graphics, and data are stored in a single, centralized database. This means there is no need to maintain a multitude of applications to print the labels you need.

Is changing data proving to be an annoyance?
SQ Print’s user interface is uncluttered and intuitive, meaning that you can quickly and effortlessly alter label data when needed.

Do you find an interaction between template and data time-consuming?
Other applications may link templates and data in a single line but nevertheless, require you to navigate among a multitude of templates and data sources.

Is internet access required by your current printing software?
SQ Print is fully-functional without any reliance on internet access which means it can be used within closed internal networks, enabling maximum (air-gapped) security for your business.

Inadvertent changes to product template or data ever plagued your work process?
SQ Print only prints label by employing the most recently authorized combination of label, template, and data. Only users having sufficient access privileges are able to authorize any changes. Any change must be manually authorized before it can take effect.

Customization of per-user access privileges?
SQ Print allows fine-grained control over access privileges for each user. Between restriction of access to editing/adding of data,  data export, altering the number of copies to be printed,… There are more than 10 individual per-user settings allowing you to tailor each individual’s access right.