SQ Print – Keep track of all changes with revision of labels

Label design typically entails a label template, reference to a source of data and graphics. Each of these three items must be ready before a label can be printed. Keeping control over each of these constituent parts and any changes done to them is a must. Issues can arise when more than a single person is involved in the process of creating and printing labels and data maintenance. Inadvertent changes to data can cause interruptions to your work process and negatively impact your business. SQ Print avoids the pitfalls of inadvertent changes by requiring the authorization of any changes.

SQ Print will continue printing labels using the most recently authorized combination of template, data, and graphics and allows you to keep track of changes that have been made by keeping track of change history.

Main advantages of SQ Print revision:

  • Keep track of all label design changes using superior revision history module
  • Save time with 100% automated label printing
  • Eliminate human error with an advanced multi-user environment
  • Easily manage and maintain your database

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