Communication with a driver through Garmin device

SQ Track allows communicating with a driver in every given moment and location if you have access to the internet. You can access the system from a computer or mobile phone. SQ Track allows you two-way communication though Garmin device. You can send SMS messages, route or address and make the driver’s work easier. Take full advantage of your GARMIN till the perfection.

1. Two-way communication with SMS messages through Garmin navigation

Two-way communication with SMS messages through Garmin navigation allows you faster, transparent and cheaper to communicate with the driver. SQ Track has proven to reduce costs of communication with driver (mobile phone) and also at the same time you can send addresses and routes to Garmin navigation which allows to speed up driver’s workflow and also faster and safer route.

Advantages of SQ Track SMS communication through Garmin device:

  • reduce costs of phone
  • two-way communication
  • 24/7 access to the system
  • evidence of received messages
  • faster workflow
  • evidence of send messages
  • safer drive for drivers
  • allows sending SMS messages to drivers

2. Send addresses to Garmin navigation

Sending addresses and route through Garmin navigation device with SQ Track saves time on the route in make driver’s drive easier. Why not taking full advantage of Garmin navigation till perfection if it allows you? Drivers will have easier work finding addresses for unloads which you will find in few seconds in a computer. Speed up your workflow and take advantage of Garmin device!

Advantages of SQ Track sending addresses through Garmin:

  • Planning route at the office
  • Faster workflow
  • Route optimization
  • Connect to an existing Garmin device
  • Time savings
  • History of route
  • Reduce costs of phone
  • Status of cargo
  • Distance to the destination
  • Estimated time of arrival for unload
  • Safer drive for drivers
  • Estimated time of arrival for load
  • Save time while driving and faster arrival at the destination
  • Send address though Garmin navigation device

Communication with the driver via the Garmin navigation device.


Two way communication with SMS messages via Garmin navigation.


Sending addresses to Garmin navigation.

Main advantages of SQ Track fuel control:

  • 24/7 two-way communication
  • Send SMS through Garmin
  • Estimated time of arrival to destination
  • Send SMS message through phone
  • Connect to an existing Garmin device
  • Sending routes and adresses on Garmin device
  • Status of cargo
  • Status of route
  • Save driver’s time while driving
  • Reducing phone costs
  • Save driver’s work with sending addresses
  • Evidence of routes
  • Evidence of send messages
  • Evidence of received messages

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