SQ Track – Review history of driving anywhere and anytime

Review the history of driving allows you to review history for certain period, month, week or just for few hours in the current day. History of driving helps you for later verification of a data like daily pays, trip orders, which can be accessed anytime. While reviewing the history of the drive for specific vehicle you can add points of interests, GEO fencing or corridors. History can be played at different speed. SQ Track also supports an automatic history of the drive based on the status of vehicle/driver.

Main advantages of SQ Track history of driving:

  • Review history for certain period
  • Add points of interest
  • Possibility to play history
  • Add GEO fencing
  • Play history at three different speeds
  • Send documents via E-Mail
  • History reports
  • Send SMS message to a driver
  • 24/7 access to data
  • Estimated time of arrival to unload

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