SQ Track – Alarms on the website, via E-Mail or SMS message

Alarms in SQ Track provide alerts at certain events of a vehicle. This means you can set up alarm based on a digital input, GEO fencing, arrives/exits of a specific area, speeding, excessive RPM, reaching a specific altitude and many more. Alarms and alerts could be set up to send a notification on your mobile phone or E-Mail.

Main advantages of SQ Track E-Mail and SMS alarms:

  • GEO Fencing alarms
  • Digital input alarms
  • Analog input alarms
  • Send alarm via E-Mail
  • Alarm when speeding
  • Send alarm via SMS message
  • Alarm when excessive RPM
  • Possibility to send SMS to different phone numbers
  • Alarm on preset altitude
  • Possibility to send E-Mail to different recipients
  • Alarm when the changed temperature
  • Alarm when braking/accelerating
  • Alarm when arrival to destination
  • Alarm when dropping of fuel level

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