SQ Track – Geo interest of points, fields, corridors,…

SQ Track allows you to set up various geo interest of points, fields, corridors… They have many advantages which mean depending on user’s choice of area, a user can set up specific alarms, reports, E-Mail or SMS message when arrives/exists specific area. With the right set up of points of interest with radius, SQ Track can notify you when a driver is at load/unload location or at the final destination.

Main advantages of SQ Track GEO Fencing:

  • Create points of interest
  • Set up alarms when entering a specific area
  • Create geo fields
  • Set up alarms when exists a specific area
  • Hardware support
  • Send arrival in the area through E-Mail
  • Send positions based on area
  • Notify arrival to the area through SMS
  • Track vehicle only in the specific area
  • GEO corridors

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